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NYSASDRI Volunteer Abroad opportunity

Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds having unique characteristics with a great passion in making the difference in the life of the poorest of the poor have always been a great asset for us. This program is intended to offer you the possibility to learn about and immerse yourself in a foreign culture and practice cross culture. It will offer you the opportunity to showcase your ideas and your work, and at the same time provides NYSASDRI; a uniquely valuable and rich opportunity to learn things from you. And we hope this blending of thoughts, ideas and experience will create a makeable impact on the society in a positive way.

It is a great opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives in a short amount of time through Volunteer service. You’ll gain perspective and insights while in the same time the satisfaction of helping others by living and working side by side with local residents.
Geography: India/ State of Odisha/ District of Dhenkanal
State of Odisha:
Capital: Bhubaneswar
No of District 30
Area 155707 sq. kms.
Population 36.7 Millions People
Language Odiya, Hindu and English (10%)
Climate and Dress Code
Best season : from October to March 14°C to 25°C sunny
Hot season : from April to June 20° to 50°C mitigate
Raining season: from July to September 25°C to 40°C rain and cyclone
Who can apply
All Volunteers over 18 years old can apply. No formal training is required, your experience and knowledge, your affection and devotion to help others is what matters the most.
Why Volunteer Abroad
Extend your perspectives and open your mind to new cultures and traditions
Rewarding Life experience
Face challenging situation in miserable condition
Develop your communication skills
Cumulate your volunteers experience with your school training period
Satisfaction and fulfillment of providing social service and help to the needy
Immerse yourself with local population and learn from them
Put your skills and knowledge to good use
Met and make new friends through the organisation and with local people
Opportunity to see and visit India
Duration of Stay in DaysPer Day Charges per person) Accommodation (only maintenance cost) Food (break fast, Lunch and Dinner) Local conveyance to and field area
NYSASDRI , Head Office, Santhasara $3 $3 $2
Kashipur (ODM School Campous) $2 $2 $2
Muniguda Educational Complex $2 $2 $2
Malkanagir SEED $2 $3 $2
Food: Inclusive of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Kalinga Eye Hospital, Dhenkanal
Duration of Stay in Days / Person A/C Cabin with Food A/C Sharing with Food Non A/c Sharing with Food
7 Days $105.00 $84.00 $63.00
15 Days $218.00 $173.00 $128.00
30 Days $428.00 $338.00 $248.00
* Unlimited Wi-Fi services just @ $8 valid for 30 days.
Volunteer Services
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