Sucess Stories
1. Putting back Hopes and Happiness

Manasi Dehury, daughter of Biprama Dehury, Durgaprasad village of Dhenkanal block got married with Bideshi Dehury, Son of Kalandi Dehury inhabitant of Kankadahad village of Dhenkanal District in 2007. Bideshi is a truck driver living with his father, mother and sister. After a couple of years, she became mother of two male children. After a few days due to interferance of her sister-in-law, in-laws started torturing her both mentally & physically. Day by day she experienced more pain from her family members. One day her in-laws attempt to murder her. She ran away from there to escape herself with her two childr en and reached at her parent's home. Afterward her in-law family members arranged remarriage of Bideshi Dehury with another innocent girl. Under this circumstance Manasi Dehury lodged a petition at Family Counseling Centre of NYSASDRI, Santhasara. Gondia block, Dhenkanal. Our counselors motivated her to stay at our Short Stay Home till the case is so. Subseqently notice issued to her spouse for counseling. But her spouse didn't respond. Then our conselors planned and visited his home with applicant Manasi at kankadahad village. During counseling her husband's second wife agreed to accept Manasi and stay with her. Her husband and in-laws also gave their consent in favour this decesion. But Manasi denied due to past suffering. Then it was decided that Manasi will stay 6 months at her parents home & her husband Bideshi will keep contact with Manasi and Bideshi will provide @Rs 1,000/- (One thousand Rupees) only pedr month for six months. After six months she will come back to her in-laws house. An agreement was made and duly signed by both.

2. Where there is a will, there is a way

Kalyani Nayak, 50-year-old lady residing with her 6-member poor family at Nadiali in Dhenkanal district. She has two sons & two daughters. They don't have any cultivable land. So they are engaged as daily labourers. But they hardly get 150 labour days in a year. So both of them tried to get job everyday. Kalyani has poor eye sight and never went through any eye-testing camp. Even she could not do her household chores. She was unable to work properly at the work sites. Then she decided not to go for work & confined herself with family activities. After few days, she felt pressure of livelihood. what can she do? One day she heard that Kalinga Eye Hospital, Dhenkanal is going to conduct an eye screening camp in their area, where no fees will be charged to the patients. She attended the screening camp and identified as cataract (RE: 1 ft, LE: PL PR +ve). Her eye surgery conducted successfully at no cost. After a few days she found that she is able to see things clearly & properly. She decided to go through cataract surgery for her other eye in Kalinga Eye Hospital. Now Mrs Kalyani's daily life and livelihood restored.

3. Income Generation by the help of NYSASDRI

A poor family headed by Mr. Phagu Kisku resides in Pitapani Sahi of Jamboo village, Gondia Block in Dhenkanal District. Farming is the only livelihood option of this tribal family. There was no irrigation facility for his cultivable land. In the situation, NYSASDRI was providing support and inputs for cultivation of different crops and vegetables. Phagu Kisku took loan from NYSASDRI in the year 2008 for summer paddy cultivation. After utilization of the capital purposefully, he harvested more than 12 quintals of paddy of around 12,000 rupees. In the other hand he could continue to cultivate in time since he has enough means to spend for fertilizer and seeds. He has gone through relevant training by NYSASDRI for proper growing of paddy, vegetables and use of vermicompost etc. Phagu Kisku's land seems greenery with all types of vegetables all around. He says "It is no more difficult for me to cultivate my land to grow various vegetables and rabi paddy without external support".

4. Pani Panchayat

20 Pani Panchayats or Water Users Groups formed in last 2 decades of operation in Gondia block of Dhenkanal district. NYSASDRI has promoted check dams, percolation tanks, water harvesting structures (WHS), surplusweir, diversionweir and canal system. About 1500 househols and 1500 acres of land has been benefitted from this group management of irrigation systems. Through 20 Water Users Groups, the local farmers are growing double crop including paddy, vegetable and other crops. They meet once in a month to discuss about operation and maintenance of their group. They have converted many of the barren lands to cultivable ones. They cultivate throughout the year. The income of those villagers are also increased incredibly. At present they become quite productive than before. They employed themselves throughout the year instead of sitting idle half of the year. Pipiria and Phuljhar are two bright example of this scheme.

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