1. How old is NYSASDRI?
Ans: NYSASDRI was established in the year 1973.
2. Why was NYSASDRI established?
Ans: It was established with an aims at facilitating a process to establish healthy society in which the poorest of the poor have the power to attain a better quality of life with equal access and control over resources.
3. So what is so unique or different about NYSASDRI? How is it different from the other NGOs?
Based on the following strength, we are unique:
Community Mobilization
Good rapport with Govt. Officials, Corporate, PRIs

Long experience in project implementation ( health, education, rehabilitation, women empowerment, livelihood promotion, infrastructure development)
35 years of experience in community development sector.
Committed, experienced and qualified staffs.
Infrastructure and logistic arrangement

Continuous intake of new ideas and skills through young professional development schemes of the Government, including national and international volunteers.
We are so different from other NGO because NYSASDRI not only a developmental actor but also give emphasis on different issues and police based advocacy work and research studies at different level and as a result we have achieved a lot. In the other hand the organization believe on community empowerment and community participation/mobilization at planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

The first NGO in the state to raise the issue of sex education in schools.( inclusion of sex education in higher secondary education in Odisha)

Successful in changing the knowledge, attitude and perception of different development stakeholders including NGOs, media, politicians, bureaucrats and civil society on the issue of sex education in schools.
New initiative taken by NYSASDRI �Circle of Support (CoS) for disability and Autism�

It was the first organization in Odisha to assume the day-to-day functioning of two Primary Health Centers (PHC) by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Odisha through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) modality, which has become a successful and replicable model, in the State.(pioneer in PPP of Primary health Centre Management in Odisha)
To start a Campaign on Mo Jami, Mo Dhiha �My Land, My Home Steed Land�.
Eastern Techno-Socio Consultants (P) Ltd., Bhubaneswar.
4. How many projects do you have in the State? How many people do you reach through these projects?
Ans: There are over 1.5 million direct beneficiaries of NYSASDRI at present, and this is a modest count considering that our reach keeps growing by every passing day. NYSASDRI has approximately 250 projects of various scales spread across 12 District of Odisha.
5. Does NYSASDRI receive Government funding?
Ans: Yes, NYSASDRI is receiving fund from the Govt.
6. Are NYSASDRI employees paid for their work?
Ans: YES (some are Paid staff and some are volunteer and honorary)
7. How are resources used?
Ans: Resources are using for exemplary healthcare, education, rehabilitation, women empowerment, and livelihood promotion legal services, advocacy, research and study to those who need it most. Its initiatives has not only improved the quality of life of people which it serves, but also has impacted the development policy of the Government
8. How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly?
Ans: We are accountable for utilization of donation for the specific causes and submit report and photos of the concerned programme for your satisfaction. But for your greater interest you may contact or monitoring the programme through NYSASDRI to know about the utilization of your donation.
9. Do you get any financial support from the Government?
Ans: YES, we are getting financial support from Government as well .
10. Do you give special support to exceptional cases?
Ans: There are many individual children, adult, women and men who have been supported through NYSASDRIs Special Support Programme. We take up individual cases based on their immediate needs. These individuals are then given educational support, support for their health and specific cases are even taken for rehabilitation and livelihood.
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