A Guide Book of PPP for Healthcare Development of SHG Evaluation report of Atta Evaluation report of Khankira
Part - 1 Health (O) Part - 2 Health (O) PPP for Healthcare - Experience PPP Workshop Report
Revitalizing Rural Health Role & Responsible of PRIs Concept of Sex Education
and Citizen's Action
Community Health in Odisha Issues & Perspective
A Guide Book for Trainers & Professionals Working on Disability Meikirch Odiya Meikirch English Critical Review of the Performance of NYSASDRI
Directory of CoS for Persons with Disabilities
in Odisha
District level Healthcare System Mo Jami Mo Diha
Participatory Action Research Study on Existing CoS for Autistic & Disabled Children in Rural Area
Public Private Partnership NYSASDRI's Experience in Health Sector Reform Second International Conference on COS Seminar on Land policy Terrible Super Cyclone
Strategy Paper of NYSASDRI Sex Education & Reproductive Health Rights for Younger People Book of Sex Education in School Curriculum