Title of the Scheme Achievement
Community Empowerment & Advocacy  For Sustainable Health Care for People in Extrem need in Odisha
Management of two Primary Health Centre(n) through Public Private partnership models, pioneer in Odisha
66239 no patients OPD and 264 in IPD availed treatment services.
288 institutional deliveries conducted, earlier it was defunct at both PHC (N)
Conducted 828 antenatal check up & Conducted 309 Postnatal check up
4651 blood slides collected, 809 malaria cases identified
233 outreach camps conducted and 9888 patients treated
Immunised 1000 children and 159 mother
Motivated 71 cases for Tubeoctomy operation  and distributed  contraceptives to 2270 couples
Provided ambulance service to 751 patients and referred 526 patients for their need based treatment
24 x7 hours ambulance services and  institutional delivery services
150 women self-help groups(1731 members)  have raised Rs.29,80,871/- and  received loan of Rs. 3,000,000/-
65 (776 Members)male self-help groups are participating in developmental work.
81(1139members) Kishori clubs have been mobilizing the community by advocating marriage at the right age, maintenance of menstrual hygiene and the STI/RTI.
66 Emergency Obstetric Contingency Committees (EOCC)(408 members) which had been formed earlier within this project, 48 are now subsumed into Gaon Kalyan Samitis (GKS)
The model approach initiated by NYSADRI has been replicated in more than 30 PHCs by Govt. of Odisha.
Patients turn over increased 10 fold and reached 8000 to 9000 p.a
Eye Care Programme (Paediatric)
3, 08,142 children screened and 326 surgeries done.
Treatment through OPD at  Base Hospital, Dhenaknal= 9624
Referral pediatric cases base hospital 20,505
1337 free glass distributed to children
Eye Care Programme. (Adult)
59,901 patients screened and 14,954 No. Surgeries done
Treatment through OPD at  Base Hospital, Dhenaknal= 52,609 patient
681 schoolteachers, 1786 Anganwadi workers 49 doctors and 09 hospital staffs trained on eye care
Open  03 community  Eye Screening centre (fixed) for better services at their door steps
Sustainable Development through food Security for Tribal Community
150 hec area of degraded land have been developed in four villages
The total amount of area which has been irrigated with the four WHSs has been 510 acres, whereof 85 acres of land are cultivable for a second crop
Two grain stores have been constructed in Jamboo and Phuljhar.
Demonstration of vermicompost and compost pits in each of the fifteen villages.
45 women SHGs with 511 members have been formed and saved Rs 8, 45,702.00/- so far.  33 groups have availed a bank loan worth of Rs.18,02,000.00/-
453 beneficiaries have been supported with self finance schemes.
Pani Panchayats have been formed in the 4 WHS villages, which are meeting regularly.  
465 adult women have been qualified with basic numeric and literacy skills
Capacity building of 300 tribal on scientific and modern agriculture, organic farming, use of bio -fertilizer and botanical pesticides.
Community Based Rehabilitation for persons with disability Project
598 persons with disability identified 
Counselling and certification progamme for Persons with Disability (PwD)
Formation of Self Help groups PwD = 07
Trained 07 PwDs SHG members  and 245  PwDs service providers, parents, teachers and PRIs in 07 GPs 
Open 07 saving accounts for 07 PWDs SHG
Deemed Orphan (SSH) Project
48 children  enrolled in the home 
16 children  accommodate with SSH  and  provided  basis requirement of food, clothing, shelter and education
Short Stay Home Project
75 cases successfully rehabilitated through counselling, vocational training, legal support, reconciliation, self employment and restoration in their family /relatives/ in-laws
28 distress women and girls  and 16 children staying enrolled in short stay home (they are referred by district administration and police)
Family Counseling Centre
186 cases were sorted out through mutual understanding and reconciliation services like legal aid, cell,  police station
208 family disturbance cases were enrolled  like rape, dowry demand, extra marital affairs, domestic violence, alcoholism, economic crisis etc.
Crèche  for tribal children
250  tribal children between 1 to 5 yrs benefited in every year.
Services provided like nutrition, food, health care, playing materials, entertainment materials, preschool Education
Educational Complex for Tribal Girls
175 tribal girls reading in the school and 65 students promoted for higher education during last three years.
Services provided like accommodation, nutrition food, health care, playing materials, entertainment materials, teaching learning materials etc.
feeding  students to High school  for higher study
Mobile Dispensary
15525 patients treated and medicine provided during last 3 years in sukinda mines affected area.
Regular outreach camp organised and referred 357 cases for their need based treatment.
Creating awareness and health education on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Swine flu, drinking water, breast feeding, institutional delivery in 05 GPs of Sukinda
Creche  for Schedule caste children
125 children between 1 to 5 yrs.
Services provided like nutrition, food, health care, playing materials entertainment materials, pre school learning feeding  students to primary school ( 32 student )
ODM Community School
72 children (3-5 yrs) enrolled in nursery to upper KG
Best education opportunity for poor and tribal community  in rural area

The first NGO in the state to raise the issue of sex education in school curriculam at secondary level.
New initiative taken by NYSASDRI “Circle of Support (CoS) for disability and Autism"
NYSASDRI is the first organization in Odisha to assume the day-to-day functioning of two Primary Health Centers (PHC) through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) modality, which has become a successful and replicable model, in the State.
It was started a  Campaign on Mo Jami Mo Dhiha “My Land, My Home Steed Land” in the state
One of the staff is the first recipient of CAROL R. LUBIN international award (IFS youth fellowship award) by IFS for her achievement in the field of Sex education in Odisha.
The United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI/ NGO)(UN Press Release PI/1597 Dated 20th July 2004)
Member of Vision 2020, an organization formed by IABP and the World Health Organization (WHO)
Listed by the Planning Commission, Govt. of India in its Database of NGOs
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